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CM Fencing delivers outstanding traditional and glass fencing solutions as well as custom glass installations

CM Fencing
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CM Fencing

CM Fencing delivers a sophisticated elegant look to your property with outstanding glass installations and fencing solutions. Specialising in frameless, semi-frameless and balustrade glass fencing, their extensive experience will produce a timeless and enduring aesthetic to your property or home. 



Glass Specialists

We are glass work specialists. Whether you are considering adding the aesthetic of glass in the interior or exterior of your property, we deliver outstanding quality designed and fit to your exact requirements.

Frameless Glass Pool Fencing

Stylish, modern and sleek, our frameless solutions can modernize any pool area or outside deck. Achieved with 12mm clear glass panels and polished stainless steal spigots.


Semi-Frameless Glass Fencing

Clear glass fencing with aluminium or polished stainless steel glazing posts, Semi-Frameless fencing is a perfect fit for any home.

Glass Balustrade

10mm glass fencing reinforced by polished marine grade stainless steel posts and built to suit your specific needs. The Balustrade solution is perfect for securing your balcony or deck

Indoor Glass

Specialist custom interior glass solutions including glass splash-backs, glass shower installations and custom glass works.

Tube & Wooden Fencing

Traditional quality wooden fencing and high quality galvanized steel tubing designed to suit any property or home. Our traditional fencing solutions are the tough, simple and affordable alternative to glass fencing.

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